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The Venue

MAMA FOO FOO is an upscale dive bar located in Daytona Florida which serves as a
new experience in nightlife for locals and tourists alike. The elevated and yet approachable
atmosphere provides a captivating & fun escape from everyday life in Daytona.
It's an exciting environment that focuses on quality, consistency, service, and hospitality.
The food menu is based on a modern approach to the traditional pub/dock fare with
some select twists.

The beverage menu places a focus on simple fresh craft cocktails, as well as local beers,
and wine from around the world, to create the perfect combination during a meal, or to
enjoy during a nightcap.

The unique design is intended to create maximum social interaction, with an emphasis on
programming and music, to create a memorable experience that goes late into the night.

“stop taking yourself so damn seriously”

-mama Foo Foo

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