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Dinner Menu

Smaller Plates


Mussel Frites

mussels, truffle fries, black garlic aoli


Mushroom Bruschetta

toasted baguette, mushroom miso cream, thyme shallots

*Tuna Crudo

ahi tuna, ponzu, tomatillo, avocado 



6 crispy chicken wings (fried or grilled)

choice of soy honey, house buffalo, garlic parmesan, lemon pepper, or nashville hot sauce

Burrata & Fig

burrata cheese, house made fig jam, tomato confit, sourdough

Saffron Arancini

arborio rice, fontina cheese, marinara sauce, parmesan

*Venison & Prime Ribeye Tartare

blend of venison & ribeye, capers, shallots, cornichon, dijon, egg, horseradish aioli

Fried Corn Ribs

corn, parmesan, tahini lime aioli, tajin, cilantro

*Oysters on the Half Shell

6 oysters, cocktail sauce, mignonette

*Oysters Kilpatrick

broiled oysters aussie style, bacon, bbq sauce

*Swordfish Bone Marrow

swordfish bone marrow, ponzu, lime

Chicken Satay

chicken skewers, curry peanut sauce, peanuts

*S.S. Ceviche

key west pink shrimp, diver scallops, apple habanero slaw, jalapeno, tomatillo

Black Garlic Hummus

aged garlic, garbanzo beans, red peppers, purple corn chips

Clam Cake

clams, dill, paprika, lemon remoulade, tartar

Coconut Cauliflower

crispy cauliflower, coconut, sweet thai chili

Larger Plates


Curry Risotto & Coconut Cauliflower

curry risotto, crispy coconut cauliflower, sweet thai chili

Bourbon Barbecue Chicken

pan seared crisp half chicken, bourbon bbq sauce, butter, lemon, garlic, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables


Fried or grilled chicken breast, smoked provolone, bacon, ranch, 

bibb lettuce, tomato, pickle, sesame bun, fries


Foo Foo Wagyu Double Smash Burger

double 4oz wagyu smash patties, onion, bacon tomato jam,

lettuce, pickles, bibb lettuce, cheddar, fries

Fried Catfish & Grandma's Collards

catfish, creamy grits, grandma's collard greens, house made tartar

Honey Sesame Scallops

diver scallops, parmesan risotto, honey, sesame, roasted brown sugar carrots


atlantic salmon, sweet potato hash, roasted brussels sprouts, red chili crisp hollandaise 


Beef Braciole

slow braised wagyu steak, prosciutto, spinach, tomato sauce, grits, seasonal vegetables, parmesan, parsley


Prime 16oz Ribeye 

hand cut ribeye, compound butter, mashed potato, seasonal vegetables

Prime 10oz Skirt Steak

skirt steak, chimichurri, mashed potato, asparagus

Venison Chops

venison chops, coffee citrus rub, mashed potato, corn riblets, seasonal vegetables




Strawberry Chocolate Salad

spinach, strawberry, crispy prosciutto, marinated goat cheese, chocolate vinaigrette

House Salad

mixed greens, cherry tomato, shallots, cucumbers, carrots, ranch

*Caeser Salad

romaine lettuce, parmesan, croutons, salt cured egg

B & B Salad

spinach, crispy pork belly, bleu cheese crumbles, blueberries, truffle balsamic

Just Peachy Salad

mixed greens, grilled peaches, meredith dairy marinated cheese, basil & mint vinaigrette

Blooming Butter Salad

bibb lettuce, avocado, strawberry, almonds, pecorino, grapefruit vinaigrette




Mama's Baked Ziti & Meatballs

wagyu meatballs, spicy tomato sauce, ziti, parmesan cheese, garlic bread



slow cooked beef, rigatoni, chilled whipped ricotta, basil, garlic bread

Bucatini Alfredo

grilled chicken breast, parmesan, cream, lemon, bucatini

Papa's Pomodoro 

grilled chicken, mozzarella pearls, pappardelle, tomato, garlic, parsley, garlic bread

Shrimp Scampi

key west pink shrimp, linguine, white wine, butter, cherry tomatoes, pecorino romano


Our menu is made from scratch, using fresh ingredients. Sustainable sourced, using local products when available. 

*** Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. ***

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